"I would like to make the dead gestures inside my body die one more time and make themselves dead again. I would like to have a person who has already dead die over and over inside my body. I may not know death, but it knows me?."
-Tatsumi Hijikata, founder of butoh
Butoh was created in Japan, as a latent response to post-war anxiety and reconstruction during the late 1950's.Its essence lies in the spiritual connection between body and mind, conscious and unconscious, human and nature. Butoh's aesthetic evokes a primal/mythological presence - conjuring a bridge between ancient times and the yet unwritten future. Since its creation, the 'Dance of Darkness,' has spread all over the world, 'like a virus'*, manifesting myriad intercultural mutations. Corpus Delicti appropriates the aesthetic of butoh and canibalizes its philosophy digesting it through the multicultural body of Los Angeles.

*words of Akaji Maro,
founder/director of Dai-rakuda-kan.
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