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Corpus Delicti

We invite all to join us in this performance project. We offer workshops and internships for artists of all disciplines. We welcome support from like-minded individuals & organizations to develop and expand the reach of our artistic expression. Workshops are open to everyone. We conduct a weekend workshop that develops the body and mind in the butoh practice, while incorporating other movement disciplines. Breathing & movement techniques, along with group dynamics & improv methods will encompass the training.

Corpus Delicti has created a very simple introduction to butoh so it can involve a number of people at any given notice: tailored to enter the'butoh state' for any performance situation -
on the street or the stage.

If you want to help create the look of
Corpus Delicti
- we invite artists, musicians, videographers, costume, set & lighting designers, sculptors, photographers, etc...
join! contact us
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