"FROM THE MOMENT WE HEAD OUT, our group -- now grown to 24 -- commands attention. Tourists' cameras flash along Hollywood Boulevard. Applause erupts. Drivers pull over to ask who we are. True to our intention, we trudge mutely onward without answering. People speculate out loud that we're the walking dead. Others say we're angels. Or the victims of 9/11. The shadows of Nagasaki. Iraqis fleeing a bombed-out village."
       -- by Sara Wolf, LA Weekly, February 20, 2003 www.laweekly.com


"A BUTOH dance performance group, brought an art form created in Japan after the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima symbolizing the spiritual presence of the dead amongst the living. This group brought up the rear of the march, and served as a buffer between the 100's of people streaming out of the Hollywood subway to join the march and the impatient police striving to move things forward. "
--by Anna Kunkin, LA IndyMedia.com, February 16, 2003

"...Los Angeles' own Corpus Delicti group performed "Mi Casa es Su Casa," in which each of the four dancers seemed to inhabit a different state of dementia but proved equally bedeviled by a mobile, free-standing, four-sided set-unit that could shelter them, imprison them or weigh them down. The raw, sustained power of the performance and the constant manipulation of the casa -unit spoke feelingly of our involvement with our living spaces and the way they can become the focus of our lives."
-- by Lewis Segal, LA Times, May 28, 2007 archived at LATIMES.org


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